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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 10 Episode 7

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 10 Episode 7

Movie Plot: A man turns into a lizard monster after being hit by a meteorite. Intro: The ’bots use their new onion blossomer to blossom everything, including Servo’s head. Segment One: In Castle Forrester, Pearl has exposed Bobo’s brain as a way to control him with a remote control. Mike tries it and almost escapes, but fouls up the plan. Segment Two: The Crew show how pathetic the ”practical joke” at the beginning of the movie is. Segment Three: Mike presents a ”Behind the Music”-style documentary about the folk-rock band in the movie. Segment Four: Crow and Servo send a camera, taped to a remote-control truck, to spy on Mike. Segment Five: Servo hits a satellite with his bow and arrow. In Castle Forrester, Brain Guy is showing Bobo how to take care of his new exterior brain.

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Serie: Mystery Science Theater 3000


Guest Star: Kevin Murphy, Michael J. Nelson

Episode Title: Track of the Moon Beast

Air Date: 1999-06-13

Year: 1999

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