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Knots Landing Season 9 Episode 1

Knots Landing Season 9 Episode 1

After 5 weeks, no one can find Peter. Val grieves over Ben, and makes up with Laura. Abby’s really worried about Olivia, who has been having nightmares, and has reverted to infantile behavior. Mack becomes friendly with a man from his messenger service, Al Baker. Paige goes to Greg, concerned about her paternity. He plants a passionate kiss on her to prove he’s not her father. Then Mack and Paige discover that they are both allergic to cantaloupe, so he must be her father! The crack at the Lotus Point playground gets worse. Workmen say it’s structural, and needs to come out. Abby just wants it patched, but Gary and Karen out vote her. The workmen remove the cement and find Peter’s body.

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Serie: Knots Landing


Guest Star: Barbara Tarbuck, Brian Austin Green, Red Buttons

Episode Title: Missing Persons

Air Date: 1987-09-24

Year: 1987

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