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Knots Landing Season 10 Episode 25

Knots Landing Season 10 Episode 25

Greg meets with the Secretary of State about the job in Japan. Mac, Karen and Paula decide to sue Morikame and to find out who owns it. Gary and Sally’s friend decide to meet at a store. He hears her but then the twins run up to him with Val and Danny. Abby’s Morikame atty., Rick Hawkins, tells Abby she didn’t get the oil permits, and if her former partners find out she owns Morikame, she could be imprisoned for fraud. She asks Rick to predate her documents, but not to tell Ted. Abby then sleeps with Ted and asks him to pose as Morikame’s owner, and she’ll give him half the oil profits. Ted agrees, and they sign the papers. Abby wants the original documents, but Rick says he shredded them. Paige snoops at Abby’s and then tells Rick that Ted and Abby are setting him up. Rick later sends some documents to Paige at Sumner Group, but Abby throws them away. Rick is dead in his bathtub, electrocuted by a hairdryer.

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Serie: Knots Landing

Guest Star: Robert Desiderio, Sam Behrens, Terrence McNally

Episode Title: Straight Down the Line

Air Date: 1989-05-04

Year: 1989

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